Lana Ciboci, PhD Appointed Vice Dean for Science and Quality Management

In her work, Lana Ciboci, PhD will place special emphasis on the further development of Bernays' academic segment and quality assurance for Bernays students and teachers.

06. February 2018.

As the newly appointed Vice Dean for Science and Quality management, Ciboci, PhD, is responsible for the coordination and preparation of plans for Bernays' academic and research activities. Furthermore, the Vice Dean for Science and Quality Management coordinates and leads the research cooperation with academic partners, the organisation and implementation of different academic and professional conferences, as well as conducts and coordinates various academic and research studies and projects at Bernays. In addition, she coordinates the publishing of Bernays' academic and professional publications, the research aspect of Bernays' participation in the Erasmus programme and other international programmes and projects, and manages the quality assurance system.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bernays' new Vice Dean – we wish her much success in her work!