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Edward Bernays University College is a unique higher education institution with the most innovative communications and tourism study programmes in this part of Europe. The communications study programmes - Communication Management at the undergraduate level and Public Relations Management at the graduate level – and the tourism study programmes – Tourist Destination Management and Marketing at the undergraduate level and Experience Management in Tourism at the graduate level – bear the strong seal of dual education, allowing students to begin their careers in the business and tourism sectors. The successful higher education model that students undergo from beginning to end of their studies is confirmed by the fact that a fifth of Bernays students are hired already during their studies.

The success story of our higher education institution began in May 2013. At the time, Bernays was the first study programme to conduct comprehensive specialised education in the field of communication management and public relations, and the only one in this part of Europe to fully integrate communications studies and to adapt them in the minutest details to the actual needs of the public relations market. In its four years of operations, it has grown into the largest communications management study programme and become a leader in higher education in the field of communications. In July 2017, Bernays was granted a license for implementation of the new study programme, thereby adding the communications vertical to the tourism vertical.

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Lecturers at Bernays are leading foreign and local experts from academia and business. Involved in the education of experts in communication and tourism management are academics with many years of academic experience, owners and managers in leading regional public relations agencies, heads of corporate communications in national and international companies, communications advisors from the non-governmental sector, state institutions and political parties, established marketing specialists, respected experts in tourism management and tourism experts. By combining academic knowledge with practical skills, students master all areas of communication and tourism management, while students have the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge for the real sector through partnerships with the leading PR agencies, companies and institutions, tourist destinations, global hotel chains, event management companies and occupational organisations from communications and tourism.

Thanks to the international academic conferences Communication Management Forum, held in 2015 and 2017, and the international academic journal Communication Management Review, which twice annually publishes the latest research from public relations, management, marketing, political science, and related disciplines, and the co-organiser of diverse academic conferences and projects, Bernays is also recognised as the academic centre of the communications industry in Croatia.

Apart from students and lectures, who are also Bernays’ greatest ambassadors, its value has also been recognised by the professional and academic community. The campaign launched in 2013 brought it its first award, the Grand PRix, presented by the Croatian Public Relations Association, followed soon afterwards by the Superbrands Croatia certificate, as well as the international community, which, presenting Bernays with the Erasmus+ Charter, placed this higher education institution among the leading European higher education institutions. Bernays’ is currently the only higher education institution in Croatia to be awarded the title of Croatian higher education Superbrand two years in a row. Despite the fact that, in only a few years, it has become a recognised academic brand, Bernays continues to grow and develop in order to offer students additional educational options within its study programmes and enabling them to sovereignly cope with business challenges.



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