Bernays Academy

Bernays Academy is a series of thematic lectures and workshops, organized by Bernays' centres: Centre for Ccareer and Market Cooperation and Centre for Lifelong Learning. The Academy is held in two basic modules, and each of them represents a separate specific area that contributes to the professional development of target groups. The first module is focused on the professional development of teachers and Bernays teaching staff, while the second module is dedicated to students whose practical content complements the courses.

The goal of the Academy is to provide specialized knowledge to the attendees that will allow them a better understanding of certain topics in the communication management area and those topics that connect this field with the labor market. Dynamic business surroundings demand following new trends, acquisition of new skills and the ability of their application in order to achieve improvement on a professional level. These forms of vocational training contribute mitigating differences that exist between academic programs and the real market needs in the sector of education in Croatia. Bernays, as the only private institution of higher education that recognizes the importance of a comprehensive education, is investing more effort in organizing this kind of training in order to show the importance of continuing education, for both students and teachers.