Challenges in one of the rare growing professions

The public relations profession as an occupation and communication management as a discipline are rare professions with a constant growth tendency. The communications challenges that organisations face are complex, regardless of size and line of business. Good communication is today certainly one of the most significant factors of success of any organisation, and fostering and maintaining reputation significantly affects their survival. The communications profession is extremely creative, and it is especially suitable for people who enjoy teamwork, as well as those with work experience and who would like to upgrade their knowledge and skills in communication management.

Since the 2015/16 academic year, the Edward Bernays University College has been carrying out the first, five-year academic vertical in public relations (communication management) at the undergraduate and graduate levels in Croatia and the region, whereby upon completion of the undergraduate professional study programme, students obtain 300 ECTS credits. In this area, Bernays carries out two study programmes: (1) three-year Communication Management undergraduate study programme (180 ECTS) and (2) two-year Public Relations Management specialist graduate study programme (120 ECTS), enabling students to specialise in one of three tracks: Agency PR, Political PR and Corporate Communications.


1. Communication Management undergraduate professional study programme

The Communication Management undergraduate study programme provides students with essential competencies for managing communication processes in organisations, companies and institutions. The unique curriculum of the study programme lasts six semesters.

The structure of the study programme is focused on theoretical knowledge, as well as practical experience by studying practical examples and learning by applying case study principles from the area of communication science, and with the objective of acquiring essential communications, as well as managerial, media and interdisciplinary competencies.


2. Public Relations Management professional graduate study programme

The Public Relations Management specialist, professional graduate study programme is a qualitative extension to the undergraduate study programme, lasting two years (four semesters). During their studies, students are educated with the aim of transforming their competencies from the technical to the managerial level.

The programme implies a unique curriculum in the first year of study that is focused on a more complex level of communication management, while in the second year, students further specialise, selecting one of three offered study tracks that enable a narrow specialisation of competencies.