Tourist Destination Marketing and Management Undergraduate Study Programme

Innovative approach to new trends in tourism

Tourism is one of the most important economic activities on which the economy of the Republic of Croatia is based. The contemporary development of the tourist sector implies conceiving completely new and innovative services, as well as the implementation of new and different activities by tourism employees, for whose implementation they have to receive top-notch education. On the other hand, the tourist destination is one of the decisive factor for tourism development because, in today’s digital age, the focus has moved from tour operators and travel agencies to the tourist destinations, local stakeholders in tourism and the tourism companies, as well as the locals, who are increasingly participating in tourism as providers of private accommodation, family run farms, souvenir producers, owners of private museums, owners of private hotels and camps, as well as suppliers of superior quality local ingredients for large hotel chains.

Croatia and the regional market, today, more than ever, are in search of top-quality, university-educated employees from the area of tourism destination marketing and management, as well as experience management in tourism, which will bring with it new and innovative practical knowledge and be ready to provide an answer to modern business challenges and be competent in order to assume the greatest responsibility in management positions in the tourism sector.

In order to respond to the real needs of the tourism market and to enable the acquisition of the highest specialist knowledge, which will correspond to the requirements of the contemporary market environment and requirements of employers in the tourism sector, Bernays in the past several years has collected the experiences of the most respected European tourism study programmes and has joined them into the most innovative tourism study programme in Croatia.

Bernays’ study programmes – the Tourist Destination Management and Marketing undergraduate professional study programme and the Experience Management in Tourism specialist graduate professional study programme are being conducted in close cooperation with the business and tourism sectors, and ensure the necessary combination of theoretical knowledge and professional practice already from the first year of study, which is why Bernays students, already from their first year of study, undergo the entire educational process and prepare themselves for working in the real sector.

The undergraduate study programme is set as a basis for acquiring all of the necessary knowledge for the quality performance of management and marketing in tourism, while the graduate professional study programme represents an extension of the knowledge and skills that are necessary for the performance of the most complex tasks in the area of experience management in tourism.