Quality Assurance Act and various guidelines on the excellence in teaching process demand from higher education institutions the organization of seminars and workshops in order to improve their quality of the teaching process. These guidelines and Act expect that university and other higher education institution lecturers will attend the seminars whose aim is to develop and improve their pedagogical competences. Every academic year Bernays organizes seminars and workshops in order to improve vocational and professional competences of its lecturers’ and other employees’ competences.


Seminar "Methodological standards in higher education"

On 26 and 27 September 2014 Edward Bernays College for Communication Management held a seminar “Methodological standards in higher education”. The seminar was intended for all lecturers from the curriculum of the academic year 2014/2015, and at the end of the seminar the attendants were given a certificate of the Centre for Quality Management. The professor Pero Maldini, Ph. D., from the University of Dubrovnik made the concept of the seminar which covered following units: the Bologna process and the ECTS system; programming and designing the course, the definition of learning outcomes and writing syllabus for the course; implementation of the curriculum; evaluation of the students and lecturers. The evaluation of the seminar showed that the lecturers who attended the seminar were very satisfied with its content and structure. The content of the seminar was rated 4.75; organization 4.83; presentation 4.79; professor Pero Maldini, Ph. D., 4.83; while the general impression of the seminar was rated 4.71. In their evaluation Bernays’ lecturers stated that the seminar had been very useful because it had provided a better insight in the Bologna process and a better understanding of the standards of Edward Bernays College of Communication Management. They also noted the need for a larger number of such seminars, practical work and information about specific cases and problems in the classroom with students.