Study abroad

How to choose the host institution for the study period?

For Erasmus mobility is important to choose a host institution that offers a degree program or courses that are as far as possible compatible with the program of study students to the system component. Courses and corresponding number of credits that a student chooses on foreign higher education institution should be similar to courses that are part of the curriculum in a particular academic year / semester to the system component.


ERASMUS+ bilateral agreements

The mobility of students for studies at Erasmus+ is made exclusively on the basis of the Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement to be concluded between Bernays and foreign higher education institutions or organizations that have been awarded the Erasmus+ Charter (ECHE Charter).

The list of partner institutions of higher education abroad and concluded Erasmus + agreements is available on the official Bernays website.


Learning Agreement - Learning Agreement for Studies

Every student before the study visit should conclude a contract on studying in English (Learning Agreement for Studies form) which specifies the names of subjects for students to listen on the foreign higher education institution, as well as other activities that the student is required to complete during his or her stay. The Learning Agreement states corresponding number of credits to be awarded student of a particular subject or activity.

Before signing a contract on studying, sending partners (Academic Coordinator) should check that the study program and course description that the student has chosenon the foreign higher education institution is compatible with the curriculum at the home institution.

Academic Coordinator, on behalf of the parent institution, with his signature guarantees the recognition of study periods abroad.