Quality Assurance Commission is an advisory and expert body responsible to the Dean of Edward Bernays college of Communication Management.

Centre for Quality Management and the Quality Assurance Commission organize, coordinate and implement the procedure for quality assurance, mutually prepare the documentation and promote quality assurance culture, inform the academic community and, if needed, inform the local community about the quality system of Bernays. According the regulation Act of Quality Assurance, the members of the Commission are Head of the Centre for Quality Management, one teachers’ representative at a scientific and teaching position or just teaching position, one representative of supporting units (Secretariat, Students’ Service, Library), one representative of associate professors and one students’ representative.

Members of the Quality Assurance Commission:

  1. Lana Ciboci, M.A., Head of the Centre for Quality Management;

  2. Zdeslav Milas, MSc., Vice Dean

  3. Tomislavka Ivanda, M. A., General Secretary

  4. Prof. Pero Maldini, Ph. D., associate professor

  5. Ižak Ante Sučić, representative of the Student Council