Quality assurance at Edward Bernays College of Communication Management (hereinafter: Bernays) constitutes a set of measures and activities that seek to systematically support and improve the quality of education, professional and scientific research and the promotion of high professional standards. Quality is the foundation of the functioning of an efficient system that provides services to customers and, at the same time, nurtures and develops daily work in all Bernays’ sectors, all in accordance with legal regulations and international standards in the area of higher education.

Edward Bernays College of Communication Management, with its study programmes, organization, professors and technical equipment, stands for a modern and quality higher education institution that encourages the improvement and perfecting quality system through:

  1. the application of Standards and guidelines that enable quality assurance in the area of higher education in Europe;

  2. clearly defined standards for the quality development of the most important documents of Bernays;

  3. continuous research of the necessities of the market and development of study programmes based on the research results;

  4. systematic monitoring of the success of studying and taking action to improve it;

  5. - continuous monitoring of the development and work of teachers according to students’ evaluation; encouraging teaching staff in their further education, enabling and encouraging publication of their scientific and professional papers, fostering development of teaching materials of high quality and advancing teaching staff in higher ranks;

  6. continuous specializing of employees in the area of their own work and the improvement of teaching, scientific and educational, research and professional working conditions;

  7. systematic monitoring of the satisfaction of all stakeholders - students, teachers, employees, academic community, Bernays’ partners from practice, local communities and businesses;

  8. promoting and strengthening cooperation with other higher education institutions and businesses in Croatia and abroad, and to encourage the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff;

  9. encouraging and strengthening cooperation with other higher education institution and economic subjects in Croatia and foreign countries and encouraging students’ mobility, mobility of teaching staff and administration;

  10. responsible and conscientious financial operations directed towards the development of Bernays.

Quality policy of Bernays is regulary supervised and upgraded if needed.