Bernays Academy becomes centre for lifelong learning

The centre for lifelong learning under the name Bernays Academy is starting operations, which will encourage the development of personal and professional competences of adults throughout their lives.

17. July 2018.

Bernays’ fifth anniversary will mark the launch of the Bernays Academy, a lifelong learning centre, which will offer completely new and innovative adult education programmes to the market. Lifelong learning at Bernays covers various types and levels of education programmes, namely, formal lifelong learning and informal lifelong learning, which include in-house programmes and open seminars and training in the future.

Lifelong learning programmes at Bernays will be implemented in the form of training, renewal and upgrading of acquired knowledge and skills, and acquiring new knowledge in the profession of the same level of complexity, as well as in a higher degree of complexity. Otherwise, in question are programmes that are a kind of novelty in the market, given that all offered programmes are verified by programme partners, associations, institutions and organisations that have, as a professional body, either prescribed the terms of the program or participated in the design of the lifelong learning programme.

Whether the motivation for additional education is to acquire specialist knowledge, personal growth, career advancement, strengthening their own market competitiveness for the purpose of sustainable employability, a change in profession or a desire to achieve their own potential in the area of particular interest, lifelong learning programmes at Bernays will ensure for each learner the highest level of quality and the improvement of knowledge, skills and competences within the personal or professional work of an individual.


Propedeutics of psychotherapy

The first in a series of lifelong education programmes within the Bernays Academy will be "Propedeutics of Psychotherapy", the first and only official programme of education in the field of psychotherapy in the Republic of Croatia, verified by the Croatian Association of Psychotherapeutic Associations (SPUH).

This informal lifelong learning programme is designed in accordance with the Code of Practice for Psychotherapy, adopted by the SPUH, and is conducted in accordance with the standards of education of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). The programme provides education in the fields of psychology, medicine (psychiatry), social work and rehabilitation sciences, which includes a set of knowledge, skills and practical work needed to carry out psychotherapy activities, in cases where the psychotherapeutic learner does not meet the requirements of the required formal education.

Applications for the "Propedeutics of Psychotherapy" programme are open on 15 July, while the beginning of the lesson is planned in September 2018. Please visit for details on entries and enrolments.