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Edward Bernays University College is a unique higher education institution with the most innovative communications and tourism study programmes and lifelong learning programmes in terms of content and methodology in this part of Europe. It is the only higher education institution in the world to be named after Edward Bernays, the founder of modern public relations, one of the most dynamic professions in the world.

Bernays’ communications and tourism study programmes bear the strong seal of dual education, allowing students to intensively prepare for the labour market from their first to their last year of study, providing them an optimal ratio of theoretical and practical specialist skills and knowledge, as well as direct contact with their future employers, who will open doors for them already during their studies and help them gain work experience. The lifelong learning programmes are conceived in cooperation with relevant partners on the market and enable learners to acquire specific specialised skills and knowledge recognised on the market that will further qualify them for working in a dynamic business environment.

The features of Bernays’ communications and tourism programmes are innovation, cooperation with companies and a close relationship with lecturers from the real sector, work placements, as well high employability rate upon completion. Bernays’ communications programme is the only one in Croatia to offer students specialisation in four of the areas of public relations most in demand – corporate communication, public relations in politics and the non-profit sector, as well as management of public relations agency. On the other hand, Bernays’ tourism programme has been proclaimed by many tourism experts as the being the most innovative, enabling students to acquire specialised knowledge through the selection of four modules – branding, tourist destinations, hotel and hospitality management, destination policy and tourist guidance and interpretation in the destination.

Study programmes at Bernays, besides their emphasised cooperation with communications and tourism companies, as well as mentored approach and cooperation between students and lecturer practitioners, nurture a special talent management process that implies a completely individualised approach to every student by working in small groups, monitoring their development, as well as professional guidance of students over the course of the entire duration of studies, in accordance with their abilities by area for which they show interest and in which they will achieve their professional maximum.


Success story

The success story of our higher education institution began in May 2013, when it was founded by a group of prominent individuals from the academic community and the business world with a vision of creating an innovative, flexible and modern higher education institution, whose students that will be ready to work on their own in their profession already during their studies. The decision to found Bernays arose from the practical business view on the potential development of the labour market and was based on the fact that the education system at the time could not, in a relatively acceptable period of five years, bring to market a sufficient number of well-educated experts, meaning that each employer, even upon completion of studies, had to invest at least another year to prepare them for independent work on the market. Bernays has optimised to the maximum the parameter of quality education and time required for independent work.


In 2013, Bernays was the first study programme to conduct comprehensive specialised education in the field of communication management and public relations, and the only one in this part of Europe to fully integrate communication studies and to adapt them in the minutest details to the actual needs of the public relations market. From those beginnings to the present, it has grown into the largest communication management study programme and become a leader in higher education in the field of communications.

Inspired by the recommendations of the Tourism Development Strategy 2020 and continued market requirements, in 2017, Bernays developed new study programmes – Tourism Destination Marketing and Management undergraduate study programme and Experience Management in Tourism graduate study programme. After four years of successfully carrying out the communications study programmes, Bernays made an important step forward for the most innovative tourism programme. Thanks to the licences issued by the Ministry of Science and Education, in Autumn 2017, Bernays began with classes in its undergraduate tourism study programme, while the graduate study programme will begin in the 2020/2021 academic year.

Thanks to the international academic conferences, Communication Management Forum, held in 2015, 2017 and 2019, the international academic magazine Communication Management Review that twice annually brings the latest research from public relations, management, marketing, political science and related academic disciplines, BLab academic research centre, in which market research from the area of communications tourism are jointly conducted by professors and students, as well as by co-organising various academic and professional conferences and projects, Bernays is also recognised as the academic centre of the communication and tourism industry in Croatia.

Bernays Visoka škola

Apart from students and lectures, who are also Bernays’ greatest ambassadors, its value has also been recognised by the professional and academic community. The campaign launched in 2013 brought it its first award, the Grand PRix, presented by the Croatian Public Relations Association, followed soon afterwards by the Superbrands Croatia certificate, as well as the international community, which, presenting Bernays with the Erasmus+ Charter, placed this higher education institution among the leading European higher education institutions. Bernays is currently the only higher education institution in Croatia to be awarded the title of Croatian higher education Superbrand three years in a row. Prominent among other recognitions is the EDU Biznis Partner award for higher education institutions in South East Europe.

Up to the present, Bernays has gathered almost 90 active partner institutions in its network of placements, where Bernays students acquire their first business experience. This has also been expanded outside the borders of Croatia, in such a manner that Bernays, in addition to continuously participating with 13 foreign higher education institutions, also accepts foreign students who return satisfied to their home institutions after spending a semester at Bernays. Lecturers at Bernays are leading foreign and local experts from academia and business. Involved in the education of experts in communication and tourism management are scholars with many years of academic experience, owners and managers in leading regional public relations agencies, heads of corporate communications in national and international companies, communications consultants from the non-governmental sector, state institutions and political parties, established marketing specialists, respected experts in tourism management and tourism experts.

Despite the fact that, in only a few years, it has become a recognised academic brand, Bernays continues to grow and develop in order to offer students additional educational options within its study programmes and enabling them to sovereignly deal with business challenges.



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