Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD

President of Academic Council

Pozdravna riječ dekana Damir JugoThe Academic Council is an advisory board consisting of experts with the objective of linking academia with the business community by directing Bernays’ study programmes to enable students to be competent to respond to the real needs of the labour market. With its advisory role, the Academic Council also advances international institutional cooperation and the scientific development of the communications, public relations and tourism.

For a two-year term, the Academic Council consists of the following members:

Anne Bernays (Harvard University, Nieman Foundation, Honorary President), Full Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD (Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Centre, President), Assoc. Prof. Božo Skoko (Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb), Full Prof. Pero Maldini, PhD (University of Dubrovnik), Full Prof. Nikica Gabrić, PhD (Svjetlost University Eye Hospital), Full Prof. Vedran Mornar, PhD (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb), Ana Hanžeković (Hanza Media), Ivan Tolj (Styria), Davor Bruketa (Bruketa & Žinić & Grey), Predrag Grubić (Adris Grupa), Msgr. Mijo Gabrić, Hrvoje Krstulović (Blitz Cinestar), Nikola Perenčević (Velesstroy Russia), Ivan T. Grbešić (Stikeman Elliot / Advisory Council of the Government of Croatia for Croats Abroad), Dinko Lucić (Privredna Banka Zagreb), Ivona Čulo (Black Carpet Consulting), Miodrag Šajatović (Liderpress), Ivan Jurić Kaćunić (Media Tower), Berislav Horvat (EY), Ivan Barbarić (Croatian Chamber of Economy), Sanjin Šolić (Jadranka Grupa), Krešimir Čemerika (Beta Ulaganja), Viktor Pavlinić (Tele2), Davor Tremac (Uber), Irena Šarić Dombaj (L'Oreal ADRIA), Dennis Zovko (Importanne Resort), Franjo Skoko (Millenium promocija), Marija Šimić (Millenium promocija), Mario Petrović (Millenium promocija), Assistant Professor Damir Jugo, PhD (Edward Bernays), Tomislavka Ivanda (Edward Bernays), Zdeslav Milas, MSc (Edward Bernays), Assistant Professor Lana Ciboci, PhD (Edward Bernays), Adrian Beljo (Edward Bernays) and Ivan Pakozdi (Edward Bernays).

“Edward Bernays University College is truly a unique higher education institution that offers the most innovative study programmes in communications and tourism in this part of Europe, and I would venture to say in an even broader area. However, Bernays is not a model to stop there. As a guiding light I would like to mention the famous saying “Panta rhei”(everything is constantly changing) because Bernays is still continuing to grow and is continuously developing its innovation, mainting in its focus its students, providing them with increasing possibilities.”

Full Professor Gordana Buljan Flander, PhD