Bernays Academy

About Lifelong Learning


Bernays carries out programmes for adult education and lifelong learning at the highest educational, scientific and professional levels. This includes the implementation of lifelong learning programmes that are in terms of formal education, and in accordance with the Croatian Qualifications Framework (CROQF), established at the 5th level of learning outcomes (completed secondary school) and are related to lifelong learning. Enrolling in the programmes in terms of a verified non-formal education, depending on the programme, requires a minimum of 6th or 7th level of learning outcomes, and completed undergraduate or graduate study programme.

Lifelong learning at Bernays includes various types and levels of education programmes based on a formal or non-formal education process and goal: formal lifelong learning and non-formal lifelong learning.


1. Formal lifelong learning

Delivered based on programmes verified by the Agency for Vocational Education and Training (ASOO) and the Ministry of Science and Education of Croatia (MEP) for the purpose of acquiring and improving knowledge, skills and competences (associated independence and responsibility) for personal, social and professional requirements, and for which Bernays issues a public document after the completion of the programme.


2. Informal lifelong learning

Delivered based on programmes verified by professional institutions, associations, and institutes whose experts participate as partners in the creation of programme content, and are focused on the professional training of adults to work in a particular area. Informal programmes are delivered with the aim of acquiring and improving knowledge, skills, and competences for personal, social and professional requirements. Upon completion of the programme, the student is awarded a Certificate of Attendance and a Certificate of Completion with the seal of the partner institution, association and other institutions that verified the programme.


3. In-house programmes

Informal, tailor-made lifelong learning programmes, whose design and delivery are adapted to the specific needs of the client, business or private entity, and serves as professional education and training in accordance with the development needs of the client. The purpose of the in-house programmes is the development of human resources for the client so that it is organisationally more efficient and competitive in the market.


4. Open seminars and business education

The informal lifelong education programmes are focused and adapted to the general population, and they serve for the professional training, as well as personal growth and development of learners. They are organised in cooperation with top lecturers whose biographies are characterised by many years of lecturing and practical experience in the profession.