Bernays sport


In the 2018/2019 season, Bernays’ bench was taken over by Matija Đulvat, president and player of MNK Futsal Dinamo, and the current coach of Sweden’s national futsal team. Under the guidance of coach Matija Đulvat and the Head of the Office for Sports Dino Bartoluci, the colours of Bernays this year are represented by Kristijan Kapural, Josip Rendulić, Tino Čirjak, Ivan Devčić, Mislav Banek, Josip Brkić, Borna Žuvela, Ivan Šulentić, Luka Gašparinčić, Bruno Jakovljević, Ivan Knezić, Josip Sesar, and Franko Jamičić.

In the 2017/2018 academic year, Bernays’ futsal team achieved outstanding results. The coach Kujtim Morina and the Head of the Office for Sports Dino Bartoluci led the Bernays team to victory in the UniSport ZG University futsal league. The Bernays team reached the second highest place in the finals of the biggest university sports event without a single defeat and a red card, with 55 goals scored. In the clash between the winner of the University Futsal League and the University Futsal Cup, Bernays took first place in the Super Cup.

You can follow the success of the Bernays team on social media with the hashtag #BernaysFutsal, and live in Martinovka Sports Hall (Miramarska cesta bb).