Tourist Destination Marketing and Management Undergraduate Study Programme

TOURISM Study Vertical


The Tourism study vertical at Bernays includes the Tourist Destination Management and Marketing (TDM) undergraduate professional study programme and the Experience Management in Tourism (UDT) specialist professional graduate study programme.


Tourism is one of the most important economic activities on which the economy of the Republic of Croatia is based. This is evidenced by the fact that, according to the share of gross added value from tourism, 11.4% of the total GDP of the Croatian economy, the Republic of Croatia belongs to the group of countries with the largest share of tourism in their economy.

Although according to figures, Croatia is currently not among the TOP 10 European destinations by number of tourists (France is in first place, Portugal in tenth), trends show that, with an innovative approach to new trends in tourism and with an expansion of the image on the impact and importance of tourism for the Croatian economy and all sectors with which tourism is connected, Croatia could enter the top 10 most visited tourist destinations in Europe. In order to accomplish this, essential is the contemporary development of the tourism sector, including not only the inception of completely new and innovative services, but also the implementation of new and different activities of tourism employees, for whose implementation the employees must obtain a superior education.

On the other hand, the tourist destination has become one of the decisive factors for tourism development because, in today’s digital age, the focus has moved from tour operators and travel agencies to the tourist destinations, local stakeholders in tourism and the tourism companies, as well as the locals, who are increasingly participating in tourism as providers of private accommodation, family-run farms, souvenir producers, owners of private museums, owners of private hotels and camps, as well as suppliers of superior quality local ingredients for large hotel chains. Tourism in Croatia is an activity that has long shown that it should be well managed and that the main player in the tourist offer should be a well-developed destination. Owners of private accommodation or hoteliers will most often not think about the development of the destination, raising the quality of supplies and the development of cooperation between local operators, instead, destination managers and destination management organisations will, therefore, high-quality education is required for those jobs.

Although mass tourism remains dominant, the current increase in special forms of tourism shows that consumers have different requirements and that their needs can be met. From this perspective, tourism must return to dealing with people and placing people at the centre of the tourism system. The awareness of the need to develop better tourism, equal benefits, access and responsibility is growing. Travellers are increasingly motivated by the desire to get to know a culture different from their own in a place that cannot be replaced by any other tourist destination. Hospitality in the true sense of the word allows guests a certain degree of familiarity with the hosts, the natural and the cultural environment.

The point of tourism is for visitors to seek social contacts who are sincere, even intimate, in an environment that is unusual and attractive. Tour operators, hotels, restaurants, tour guides, and all other stakeholders together should enable tourists to be more than observers and to become real actors of their journey, establishing social contact with the local population. In this exchange, destination management takes over as a tourist transferor of their spirit and culture, which allows for better mutual understanding. Recognising the social nature of the tourism product is also important for the local community because it plays an important role in the creation of tourism products that are socially and culturally sustainable. It is these very topics that are dealt with in Bernays' tourism programme, which provides the competencies required for this type of tourism development to students and future tourism experts.





Croatia and the regional market, today, more than ever, are in search of top-quality, tertiary-educated employees from the area of tourist destination management and marketing, as well as experience management in tourism. These tertiary-educated bring new and innovative practical knowledge, are ready to provide an answer to modern business challenges and are competent to take on the most important management positions in the tourism sector.


In order to respond to the real needs of the tourism market and to enable the acquisition of the highest specialist knowledge, which will correspond to the requirements of the contemporary market environment and requirements of employers in the tourism sector, over the past several years, Bernays has collected the experiences of the most respected European tourism study programmes and has joined them into the most innovative tourism study programme in Croatia.

In the field of tourism, Bernays carries out two study programmes:

  • TOURIST DESTINATION MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING three-year undergraduate professional study programme (180 ECTS) and

  • EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM two-year specialist professional graduate study programme (120 ECTS).

Bernays' study programmes – the Tourist Destination Management and Marketing undergraduate professional study programme and the Experience Management in Tourism specialist professional graduate study programme – are carried out in close cooperation with the economic and tourism sectors and provide an essential combination of theory and work placements from the very first year of study. Through field trips, study visits and work placements in Bernays' partner organisations, students from their first year gain experience by going through the entire educational process and prepare for work in the real sector.

Bernays' tourism study vertical is the answer to the growing need of the Croatian and regional market for well-educated personnel in tourist destination management and marketing and experience management in the tourism industry, who possess knowledge and skills, are desirable and recognised by most employers from the tourism sector. Originating on the strong support of many travel companies, tourist boards and research centres, the tourism study programmes are related to the concept of the “new economy”, i.e. experience economy, animation, and entertainment. Thanks to the high share of placements in the educational process, Bernays' tourism study programmes educate a new generation of managers in the tourism industry, passing on the characteristics of leaders and competencies that will encourage the adoption of key changes in the tourism market. By studying tourism at Bernays, students learn creativity, branding, communication, the new concept of management and experience economy.



Graduate professional study programme


Within the framework of the Tourist Destination Management and Marketing undergraduate professional study programme, students gain basic theoretical, methodological and applied knowledge in the field of social sciences. By adopting the theoretical and practical aspects, students acquire competencies that fully enable them to work in the tourism sector and the entertainment industry. The unique concept of education is based on the importance and quality of the tourist experience, the availability of tourist destinations, social and environmental sustainability and concerns for the safety and health of residents and tourists.

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Specialist graduate professional study programme

(The programme will be offered as of the 2020/2021 academic year.)


The specialist professional graduate study programme represents a qualitative upgrading of knowledge and skills necessary to perform the most complex tasks in the field of experience management in the tourism industry. The purpose and objective of the graduate programme is to follow the path of development of tourism that is guided on the basis of research, which consists of a symbiosis of anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science, economics, marketing, and ecology to create new policies and new practices of sustainable tourism development in Croatia and beyond. Since the experience economy and experience management is the new marketing paradigm that focuses on providing experiences of high value for consumers and higher profits for the makers of the same experiences, the focus of this study programme is set on the creation and management of experiences.


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Special emphasis on



As a part of organised field trips, Bernays students participate in professional fairs and conferences in Croatia and the European Union, gain professional experience by learning about types of destinations and how they function and prepare for the design, development, and promotion of tourist destinations, in accordance with special forms of tourism and new trends. In addition to general knowledge and skills in the field of tourism, economics, law information technology, communications, science, culture and language, students are provided the innovative knowledge and skills necessary to manage the coastal, inland and urban tourist destinations, national parks and protected areas, ports, and marinas. Students are encourage to view the tourism area holistically through economic, anthropological and sociological perspectives, which includes resources, activities, and experiences.