Expert Council


The Expert Council is a governing body at Bernays that discusses and decides on professional, teaching and scientific issues encountered in the operations of Bernays, within its competences determined by Law, Bernays’ Statute and other acts.

The Expert Council decides on issues of teaching and professional activity, adopts study programmes, curricula and the academic calendar, makes decisions on changes to the curricula in accordance with Bernays’ defined policy, excellence criteria and labor and knowledge requirements, proposes to the Governing Board the conditions for enrollment of students, proposes the establishment of new departments, evaluates the results of teaching, scientific and professional work, takes care of the professional development of teaching and professional staff of Bernays, makes decisions on open calls for appointment to academic rank and appoints expert committees for elections under the Dean's direction takes care of the functioning, order and discipline in the teaching process of Bernays, submits the proposal of the Statute, adopts the Regulations on professional studies and other regulations governing professional academic and teaching issues, provides opinions to the Dean on all matters within the competence of the Expert Council when requested by the Dean, decides on special issues of interest to students, at the proposal of the Student Council, passes the Statute of the Student Council, appoints and dismisses the President and Vice President of the Expert Council, performs other tasks in accordance with the law, the Statute of Bernays, general acts of Bernays and decisions of Bernays’ bodies.


Bernays’ Expert Council consists of the following members:

  1. Assistant Professor Damir Jugo, PhD, Dean of Bernays

  2. Zdeslav Milas, MSc, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and Head of the Communication Science Department

  3. Assistant Professor Lana Ciboci, Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs and Quality Management

  4. Ivana Pakozdi, Lecturer, Vice Dean for Development

  5. Adrian Beljo, Senior Lecturer, Vice Dean for International Cooperation

  6. Romana Lekić, PhD, Head of Tourism Department

  7. Maja Samardžić Gašpar, Lecturer, Representative of Teachers

  8. Marta Takahashi, Lecturer, Representative of External Associates

  9. Tomislavka Ivanda, Secretary General, Representative of Employees

  10. Renata Radovčić, student

  11. Nika Medvid, student