Delivered as part of the Tourist Destination Management and Marketing undergraduate professional study programme are the courses Field Course I and II. The implementation of these courses involving fieldwork only, through 60 hours of fieldwork or exercises, confirms the importance of the work-based learning concept as part of the study programmes at Edward Bernays University College in Zagreb.

The field courses aim to familiarise students with different forms of tourist destinations in selected locations in Croatia and, in contact with the management of tourist boards and other stakeholders in the destination (convention offices, hotels, travel agencies, catering facilities, transportation companies, museums, tour guides, etc.), to come into direct contact through presentations of stakeholders in the field, sightseeing, brainstorming, experiencing hotel stays and tourist guidance.

Through field courses, study visits and work placements at Bernays partner organisations, students experience the entire educational process already from the first year of study and prepare for work in the real sector. Destinations that students of all years of tourism have visited so far through field courses: Poreč, Pula, Opatija, Lošinj, Jastrebarsko, Varaždin, Petrinja, Sisak, Otočac, Smiljan.


Content of the field courses implies:


  • Identify different types of tourist destinations.

  • Describe the historical development of tourism in Croatia on the example of the selected destination.

  • Explain the methodology of the tourist attraction base in the destination.

  • Describe the role of the destination management organisation and destination management company as major stakeholders in destination management.

  • Classify types of catering facilities.

  • Explain the importance of natural heritage through national parks, nature parks and protected areas.

  • On a selected example, explain the importance of spatial planning, infrastructure and organisation of traffic in the tourist destination.


Through field courses, students are introduced, in a unique manner, to the work of key stakeholders in destination management and they are aided, among other things, in mastering the following learning outcomes:


  • Explain how a well known EU urban destination is branded through a selected example from the field course itinerary.

  • Assess the importance of specific tourism regions in the field course in the context of specific forms of tourism.

  • Explain the importance of large-scale manifestations in the towns included in the field courses and how they have become the reason for guests visiting the tourist destination.

  • Explain the importance of celebrities and historical events as a tourist attraction base for the development of specialty tourism products in cities that were in the itinerary of the field course.


Our greatest satisfaction with the quality of our field courses is the feedback from our students. One such summary is provided below.

“So far, as part of the field course, we have had the opportunity to visit many tourist sites of continental and coastal parts of Croatia, to see numerous real tourist attractions, as well as potential ones. We have realised that there are many resources that have yet to be valorised, and we were introduced to the advantages and disadvantages of sustainable tourism development. The destination of last year's field course was the most developed tourist area in Croatia - Istria and Kvarner." TDM 3 student, Juraj Šalić