Public Relations Management Graduate Programme



The Communications study vertical at Bernays encompasses the Communication Management (CM) undergraduate professional study programme and the Public Relations Management (PRM) specialist graduate professional study programme.


Communication represents one of the most important processes in economics, politics, entertainment, non-profit organisations, international relations, and in everyday life. Communication is an extremely creative profession, and it is particularly challenging for young people who like teamwork and dynamic environment, and for more experienced individuals who acquired their knowledge and communication skills through daily usage for planning and management of communication processes. Communication management, as one of the forms of communication, involves activities of systematic planning, implementation, monitoring and auditing of all channels of communication within an organisation, between several organisations, between the organisation and its publics, and communication and promotion on a personal level. It is a dynamic profession whose aspects involve the knowledge of basic and advanced principles of communication, public relations, marketing, management, economics, business communication and corporate communication, entrepreneurship, as well as thorough knowledge of the media industry, the basic principles of journalism, including the basics of journalism, journalistic ethics, and media relations. As a specific form of communication management, the activity of public relations is being promoted, which implies knowledge on the theory of mass communication, psychology of communication, fundamentals of public diplomacy and the principle of country image building, customer relationship management, and includes the development of communication strategies, creating internal and external communication plans, the design and implementation of corporate communication standards and managing the flow of information, including online communication.





Communication Management and Public Relations are rare areas where the demand for qualified personnel is constantly rising. The communication challenges that organisations face are complex and do not depend on the size or activity that an individual organisation engages in.

Corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, associations and institutions, state and public institutions, national and local political organisations, celebrities, sports organisations and clubs, educational and medical organisations – without exception need and use the achievements of public relations, which is usually one of the most deserving success factors.

It has been proven that successful communication management has a direct impact on the creation of new values held by organisations and individuals. To engage in communication and management means to develop in a dominant and intensive profession of the future, whose development requires highly skilled experts who know and systematically monitor the communication trends in the world, and they constantly adapt to them.

By studying communication management at Bernays, students learn and prepare for the successful management of communications within companies, institutions, well-known brands and public figures, and they become acquainted with the smallest details within the media world.

From the 2015/2016 academic year, Edward Bernays University College conducts the first complete, five-year academic vertical in Communications (Communication Management and Public Relations) at the undergraduate and graduate level in Croatia and the region, whereby students obtain a total of 300 ECTS credits.

Bernays conducts two study programmes in the area of COMMUNICATIONS:

  • COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT three-year undergraduate professional study programme (180 ECTS credits) and

  • PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGEMENT two-year specialist graduate professional study programme (120 ECTS credits).



undergraduate professional study programme


The Communication Management professional undergraduate study programme lasts three-years (six semesters), providing students with the necessary competences to manage communication processes in organisations, companies, and institutions. The structure of the study is focused on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical experience by learning through practical examples, and learning by applying the principles of case studies in the field of communication science, with the aim of acquiring communication, management, media and interdisciplinary competences to perform duties in the field of communications and media.

For more information on the undergraduate communications study programme, click HERE.



specialist graduate professional study programme


The Public Relations Management specialist professional graduate study programme is a qualitative upgrade of the undergraduate programme that lasts two years (four semesters). Students are specialised during their studies with the objective of transforming their competencies from the technical to the managerial level. The programme consists of a unique curriculum of the first year of the study that focuses on a more complex level of communication management, while in second year, students further specialize themselves by selecting one of three study streams that allow narrow specialisation competencies: corporate communications, public relations in politics and the non-profit sector or the management of public relations agencies.


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Special programme emphasis



Cooperation with companies and close relationships with lecturers from the real sector within communications and tourism is one of the largest innovations implemented in higher education by Bernays.

According to the Bernays model of cooperation with businesses, students in the communications study programmes, from their first year, attend work placements in Croatia or abroad for a total of 330 hours in the undergraduate study programme (in semester II – Work Placement I = 60 hours; in semester IV – Work Placement II = 60 hours; in semester VI – Work Placement III = 210 hours) and 420 hours in the graduate study programme (in semester V – Work Placement I = 210 hours; in semester VI – Work Placement = 210 hours).

Students at Bernays can complete their work placement in more than 100 domestic and foreign companies with which the higher education institution has signed partnership agreements. Bernays enables students to acquire practical skills by working with employers outside the regular work placement period, for which they are, based on the principle of dual education, also awarded ECTS credits.