The role of the library in ensuring the quality of the education process


The Library of Edward Bernays with its services and providing access to sources of information supports the improvement of teaching, professional and scientific-research activities. It raises high professional standards, ensuring conditions for the development of curricula and the teaching process, quality education for teachers and students, and enabling the growth of the quality of scientific research.

The Library helps to create qualified and educated personnel who will be able to cope with the challenges of a dynamic labour market. It is intended primarily for students, teaching and non-teaching staff and associates of Bernays, and other members of the academic and wider community which engages in scientific research work under the terms of the Rules of Procedure of the Library.

The library is aimed at ensuring quick and easy access to all kinds of information in order to more efficiently contribute to the creation of new value in the study and the scientific research process.


Employees of the Library


Draženka Staničić, mag. bibl. et prof. philol. croat.; univ. spec. rel. publ.

T: + 385 (0)1 555 12 12

Marijan Šimić

T: + 385 (0)1 555 12 12