Bernays partners



Cooperation with companies and close relationships with lecturers from the real sector in the context of the study verticals of communication and tourism is one of Bernays’ most important innovations that it has implemented into higher education. From the very beginning of its activities, Bernays has signed valuable partnerships thanks to which students can choose from 89 institutions where, on real examples from practice, they learn from experienced Croatian and foreign professionals from the communications industry and the tourism sector.

The placement sites for undergraduate communications students are various media companies, while graduate communications students go to PR, marketing, digital, media and event agencies and corporations, where they acquire the practical knowledge and skills required to work competently in the labour market after completing their studies. Bernays students attend work placements during the summer semester, and the selection of institutions is carried out through the Work Placement Market, according to their preferences, depending on the study programme.

Like their colleagues from communications, undergraduate tourism students enrich their theoretical knowledge by attending work placements. In this study programme, they attend work placements in global hotel chains, tourism boards and agencies, destination management companies, event management companies and agencies, professional associations and various organisations engaged in tourism.

Bernays' obligatory work placement system is one of the most important factors distinguishing Bernays from other higher education institutions with similar study programmes. Thanks to work placements, more than 25 percent of Bernays' students receive permanent engagements in the field already in their first year of study, often successfully combining their study and work obligations at the same time.