The library is mainly intended for students, teachers, non-teaching staff and associates of Bernays, and other members of the wider social community who are engaged in scientific and professional work.

A student with his enrolment, employee with his employment, and associate worker with work on Bernays automatically becomes a user of the library. Borrowing registration is required on the panel for the registrations. Membership of the library is free. Employees of the library give users instructions about services and ways of using libraries and organize education on the use of resources of the library, searching the library catalogue, searching databases.

Termination of membership in the library is achieved for students with the completion of the study, for the employees the termination of employment on Bernays, and for associates, termination of cooperation.


The application process of external users

The library provides limited, temporary access to the holdings of the library to students and teaching staff of other colleges and universities, as well as people engaged in scientific and professional work through the interlibrary borrowing.

Members of the wider social community are welcome. Library material may be used in the reading room of the library. To borrow materials, you must apply a request for borrowing. The library manager approves your requests.

The request can be submitted:

in person in the library

written form through e-mail


The requests of external users will be reviewed within 3 days. If the request is accepted, the applicant will be required to fulfill the application form and with his signature ensure that he read and accepted the rules of the library and that he will, within the agreed deadline settle all his obligations and to cover any costs incurred by its use of library materials.

The library reserves the right to deny membership to violators of its rules.


Education of users – students and teachers

The library of Edward Bernays can maintain individual or group educations related to information literacy – finding, evaluating and the ethical use of information resources.

Topics of education are searching the catalogue of the library, online catalogues from related libraries, searching available databases, referring to the rules of using the library and methods of use of the reading room, introduction to library services, collections.

Also, at the request of the teaching staff, in the context of particular courses, the library holds lectures related to information literacy.

Questions about possible education, holding time as well as all your suggestions can be sent to the Director of the Library in person in the library or by e-mail:


The use of materials and borrowing

Use of materials in the library

To borrow literature and use the services of the library, the user is required to have an index.

During his stay in the library reading room, users are not allowed to interfere with the work of other users and employees.


Material borrowing

Only members of the library are entitled to borrowing library materials.

Borrowing deadlines

  • students, teachers, and non-teaching staff – 21 days

  • extension of the borrowing – 14 days

  • external users – agreement with the Director of the Library

The right of borrowing may be terminated if the user exceeds the limits of borrowing or fails to comply with other rules.


The quantities of borrowed materials

  • Students, teachers and non-teaching staff – 3 material units

  • External users – an agreement with the Director of the Library


Library materials that can not be borrowed but is to be used in the library

  • the basic and supplementary literature

  • reference collection

  • Ph. D. theses


Lost or damaged material

Lost or damaged materials shall be compensated by the user by bringing the identical copy or financially compensate the material in the amount of its purchase price.


Interlibrary borrowing

If in the fund of the library of Edward Bernays there is no title that you seek, as well as in nearby libraries, please contact us with a request for an interlibrary loan in person at the library or by e-mail to


Cultural and public activity

The library encourages evaluation and understanding of cultural heritage and all kinds of art and provides access to artistic performances and cultural content (exhibitions, books, art, film screenings, book presentations, works and authors from different areas of creativity, etc.)