The most innovative work placement system in Croatia.


The organisation of work placements is one of the activities Bernays is especially proud of. In addition to ensuring work placements for all students and negotiating all the conditions for attending work placements for students, Bernays has one of the most modern systems of selecting and attending obligatory work placements. In this manner, students are ensured to obtain the maximum amount of applicable and practical knowledge during their studies.

The Centre for Career Development and Market Cooperation uses the electronic system called Work Placement Market. It is a special administrative system, which is available to students through BEduca. This system is a database of all Bernays partners, consisting of 89 of them, where students can complete a work placement, primarily during the summer semester, but throughout the year as well.

Students of all years, through the Work Placement Market, in the summer semester, obtain the published dates and places where they can do their work placements, as well as the conditions for attending work placements in organisations with which Bernays has signed a cooperation agreement. Through the said system, students can independently choose the desired organisation and offered work placement conditions by applying to vacancies in the manner as prescribed by the Centre for Career Development and Market Cooperation, and explained in detail and published along with the vacancies. The organisation that students select through the Work Placement Market assigns a mentor, who monitors and guides them the entire time, and upon completion of the work placement, signs documents on the completed work placement.

Bernays has signed partnership agreements with almost 90 organisations, and thanks to this, students of all ages have completed over 20,000 hours in work placements.

The work placement system is an added value to Bernays’ study programmes. Already from the first year of the undergraduate and graduate study programmes, the system enables students to acquire practical knowledge in the field of communication and tourism management.