Alumni Club


The goal of the Alumni Club of Edward Bernays University College is to gather students who have completed their undergraduate and graduate studies at Bernays, to connect all generations of students and establish lasting relationships of the academic and wider community in order to strengthen mutual cooperation. The Alumni Club develops cooperation between Bernays and organisations in which former students of Bernays are employed and promotes their activities, promotes their reputation and continuously works to preserve the traditions of Bernays. The Club encourages professional, scientific and practical activities of alumni and Bernays, encourages connecting with other similar organisations and is committed to protecting the interests and positions of the profession in society in accordance with ethical principles. 

In line with the set objectives, the Alumni Club organises sessions to exchange experiences and opinions on important issues for achieving the goals of the Alumni. The Club also organises round tables, seminars, and meetings of former and current students, teachers of Bernays and representatives of the business community and provides information about membership activities, actions, and work of the Alumni.

The Alumni Club also realises cooperation with other organisations whose activities are in line with the objectives and activities of the Alumni and encourages various forms of activities that can contribute to the progress and reputation of the profession and Bernays, in accordance with the ethical principles of the profession.

Members of the Alumni are bachelors and professional specialists of Bernays who, as a whole, form the Alumni Counsel. Members of the Alumni have no obligations to pay membership fees.


The Alumni Club of Edward Bernays University College was established on 3 May 2017, and its presidency consists of:

  • Maro Alavanja, President

  • Marta Takahashi, Secretary

  • Doris Mucak, Vice President

  • Ena Jobst, Member of Presidency

  • Barbara Galović, Member of Presidency