Welcome to Bernays' research laboratory – BLab!


How many of you, while reading about the latest trends in society, interesting research, public opinion surveys have thought about how they are formed? If you recognise yourself in this description, you are the ideal candidate to join Bernays' project, created just for our students – Blab.

In order to enhance the practical and theoretical knowledge that students acquire in in the classroom and in work placements, but also to contribute to the development of public relations and tourism in Croatia, we have launched Bernays' research laboratory – Blab, an extracurricular activity whose goal is, under the supervision of a professor from Edward Bernays University College, to conduct scientific and professional research in the field of the study programmes that are delivered at Bernays. Thanks to BLab, students can further develop their interests, acquire and supplement their knowledge and become acquainted with the latest trends of their future profession. In addition, by motivating students to participate in BLab, Bernays develops a positive attitude of students towards science, encourages their excellence and achieves a new level of communication and interaction.

Within Blab, we conduct survey research, analyse numerous contents, conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews on a variety of topics that students may suggest themselves. In addition to cooperation with students on research projects, BLab has broader activities. Devised and conducted through BLab are new research projects, strategies with a plan of scientific and research activities of Bernays, acts and documents related to science and research are being proposed to the Dean and the Expert Council, research and scientific activities of Bernays are conducted, measures for the improvement of scientific and research activities of Bernays, and managing publishing projects for publications issued by Bernays.

BLab is intended for all Bernays students who, by participating in scientific research, develop their talents and critical thinking, strengthen their capabilities and resources and participate in the presentation of the latest trends in the creative and communications industry, as well as in tourism.

Participation in BLab research activities is voluntary and not a part of the teaching process, which means that, by participating in the activities of BLab, students are not evaluated nor graded for participation, nor are they awarded ECTS credits. However, participating in research projects will provide students with additional knowledge and skills, new acquaintances, interesting meetings and much more!