Student practice

Bernays students begin their careers already during their studies.


From the first day of its activities, Bernays has continually worked on building a network of partners, currently consisting of 89 leading media companies, marketing and public relations agencies, domestic and foreign companies and corporations, world-renowned hotel chains, tourism boards and various organisations in the field of communications and tourism, where students can do work placements. The entire work placement system is planned and organised to the smallest detail, with the aim that students, through their three years of undergraduate studies, gain experience in all areas of communication management and tourism, and for graduate students to develop the necessary managerial skills for successful communication management.

Undergraduate communication students acquire their first experience in media newsrooms of all types, where under the mentorship of leading Croatian journalists and editors, they become familiar with the specific characteristics of how the media function. Their creative and analytical competencies and communication skills improve in public relations and marketing agencies by working on the development and implementation of various communication and creative strategies.

Undergraduate tourism students complete their work placements in tourist destinations, hotel and tourist facilities, travel agencies, tourist boards, destination management companies, event management companies and agencies, professional associations in tourism, national and natural parks, marinas and nautical tourism harbours, enterprises and institutions, as well as other public or private organisations engaged in activities in accordance with the curriculum of the professional study programme.

Graduate students acquire their first practical experiences in marketing and public relations agencies where, by working on the development and implementation of various communication and creative strategies and under the supervision of leading communication experts in Croatia and the region, they improve their creative and analytical competencies and communication skills. After their placement in an agency, they complement and develop their professional competencies in corporate communications companies and corporations, public relations departments in political parties and non-profit organisations and various institutions where they master media relations, become familiar with the specific characteristics of financial communications and relations with institutions and public authorities, learn about strategic communication in politics and develop their managerial and sales skills.

By connecting theoretical knowledge with practice, Bernays students become fully acquainted with the communications industry and the tourism sector. The work placement programme is fully organised by Bernays' Centre for Career Development and Market Cooperation, and the students apply on the Work Placement Market, a system that allows them to choose, independently, the institution and company where they will do their work placement as part of the concept anticipated within the study programme.

The quality of such a work placement model, where students gain practical experience from their first year of the study, has been confirmed even before the graduation of the first generation of Bernays students. Every fifth Bernays student who participated in a work placement was hired on a permanent basis in the company and institution where they were developing their competencies.

Bernays' network of partners now consists of 89 organisations, and it is expanding every day.