Quality Management Policies and Strategy


Quality assurance at Edward Bernays University College (hereinafter: Bernays) consists of a set of measures and activities that strive to systematically support and improve the quality of teaching, professional and scientific research activities, in addition to promoting high professional standards. Quality is at the foundation of the functioning of an efficient system for providing services to users, nurtured and developed in the daily work of all sectors at Bernays, all in accordance with higher education legal regulations and international standards.

Bernays is, in terms of its programmes, organization, teachers and technical equipment, a modern and high-quality higher education institution that promotes the improvement and development of the quality system through:

  • The application of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European higher education area;

  • Clearly defined standards for the development of quality systems in Bernays’ most important documents;

  • Continuous monitoring of quality and, on its basis, periodic revision of Bernays’ quality policy and strategy;

  • Promotion of quality standards at all levels of Bernays;

  • Promotion of the active role of organizational units and active encouragement of student engagement in the quality assurance system;

  • Organisation of the teaching process and the evaluation of student work through learning outcomes;

  • Continuous research of market requirements and, based on research results, development of new study programmes;

  • Systematic monitoring of student success and undertaking activities for improvement;

  • Continuous training of employees in their area of activity and improvement of educational, scientific, research and professional working conditions;

  • Continuous monitoring of the development and the work of teachers according to students assessments; encouraging teachers in their education, facilitation, and encouragement of the publication of scientific papers, encouraging the development of quality teaching materials and promotion of the teaching staff to high academic ranks;

  • Systematic monitoring of the satisfaction of all stakeholders – students, teachers, employees, academic community, partners from the business world with which Bernays has signed cooperation agreements, local communities and businesses;

  • Promotion and strengthening of cooperation with other educational institutions and business entities in Croatia and abroad, and encouraging the mobility of students, teaching and non-teaching staff;

  • Continuous improvement of the teaching process by providing opportunities for all students to spend a part of their time each academic year in media companies, public relations and marketing agencies, companies and corporations, hotels and tourist facilities, travel agencies and communities, destination management companies, event management companies and agencies, professional associations in tourism, national parks and nature parks, nautical tourism marinas and ports, enterprises and institutions and other public or private work organizations that engage in activities in accordance with the professional study programmes;

  • Continuous development and launching of research projects;

  • Responsible and conscientious financial operations directed at the development of Bernays.


Bernays quality policy is regularly monitored, and, if necessary, improved.

The Edward Bernays University College 2019 – 2023 Strategy sets the development goals and, in accordance with them, the tasks and plans for their implementation in accordance with available resources. The quality assurance strategy can be downloaded here.