Employment after completion of studies?


Communications students


It can safely be said that the employability or the application of public relations is extremely broad and it is present in all areas. Regardless of whether they are companies, agencies, public relations, non-profit sectors, politics at the national or local government, world celebrities, sports, tourism and travel, the education sector or even health care, public relations is one of the most deserving factors of the an organisation’s success. Today, the labour market is unpredictable, however, communication has become more important than ever. Globalisation and digitalisation of society and the rapid development of technology has made communication a key factor in building relationships, opinions and points of view and thoroughly changed the meaning and content of the concept of value.

Every day, increasing steadily in value are the power of emotions, motivation and influence, which individual institutions, companies, and organisations can wake within their customers, consumers or their publics. Such a connection with the environment is achieved by targeted, strategic communication, which builds and maintains brand value. In such an environment, public relations, communication management, and communications in general become the main means of creating new and improving existing values. The tasks of a communication manager undoubtedly grow in importance, transforming it into a dominant and inevitable job of the future, and this development is accompanied by an expressed need for highly skilled professionals who will know and systematically monitor trends in communications and constantly adjust to them.

Thanks to its unique model of education, Bernays' students, by linking practice with theory, become fully acquainted with the communication industry and educate themselves according to the “communication in 360 degrees” model. After completing their studies, they are competent to perform tasks that include media relations; market, investor and shareholder relations; relationships with the professional and the business publics; lobbying; internal communication; crisis communication and event management. They are able to, independently, conduct the communication campaigns of companies and organisations, to advise top management in companies and organisations on the most complex issues and lead the team during the implementation of communication campaigns. Some of the students take full advantage of the opportunities that Bernays work placements offer and, thanks to it, they begin developing their own career. Today, Bernays students work as directors of communications in political parties, consultants in PR agencies, corporate communication directors, leaders of digital departments, heads of marketing and sales departments and journalists in leading Croatian media companies.


Tourism students


Bernays' tourism study vertical is the answer to the growing need of the Croatian and regional market for well-educated staff in tourism destination marketing and management and experience management in tourism, who possess innovative practical knowledge and skills, desirable and recognised by most employers from the tourism sector.

By adopting theoretical and practical aspects, students of tourism in Bernays gain the basic knowledge necessary to manage the coastal, inland and urban tourist destinations, national parks, natural parks and protected areas, marinas and nautical tourism harbours, and acquire competencies that fully enable them to work in the tourism sector and the entertainment industry, as well as in hotel and tourism facilities, travel agencies, tourist boards, destination management companies (DMC), event management companies and agencies, professional associations in tourism, enterprises and institutions and other public and private organisations engaged in tourism activities.