Dear Erasmus students, It was great having you here!

Dear Erasmus students, It was great having you here!


What are their impressions, what they particularly liked and how they experienced Bernays, read in the interview!

Zuzana, Vanessa, Francesca, Benjamin, Claudio and Louis are Erasmus students from Italy, Slovakia, Belgium and France who decided to spend the winter semester at the Edward Bernays University of Applied Sciences as part of the Erasmus program. In the interviews, they described their stay in Croatia.

How do you like Zagreb?

Zuzana: I like Zagreb very much; it is a beautiful city with a friendly atmosphere and a lot of beautiful places to explore. The city is not too big, so you won’t get lost. It’s a great city for living and I’ll definitely come back!

Francesca: I love Zagreb. When I arrived here to, I was a bit scared because it's very different from Italy. But then I discovered it and fell in love with it. I love walking around and discovering it. Today, every place reminds me of a moment or a person, and I think that's wonderful. I love the Opera and I get lost looking at it cause it's too beautiful. And I'm really in love with the upper town of Zagreb, because there I spent a lot of time, especially during the advent period, and there I met a lot of new people.

How do you like Bernays?

Francesca: I really enjoyed a lot this semester at Bernays. It was certainly very different from the Italian university. First of all, it was strange to have these direct contacts with the professors, to attend classes with a few students, because in Italy I'm used to being in class with at least 200 other people. This helped me to unblock myself, to be without worries about my English, which has certainly improved with time, and to try to explain my thoughts every time. The teaching method is very different, and more practical, and has allowed me to realize how group projects can sometimes be more useful to understand a topic. I have attended courses that are very different from what I study in Italy, and this has been a source of growth for me and has allowed me to understand how other areas may interest me now and in the near future.

Benjamin: I liked Bernays very much. The environment, students and professors made us feel welcome and took good care of us. I enjoyed the courses during this semester and received valuable knowledge from professionals as well as made great memories.

What did you like the most at Bernays?

Claudio: In the small classes, I could actually focus more on the lesson and be an active part of it. And I loved the cheap coffee in the snack room!

Zuzana: I liked the friendly atmosphere at this university, and I felt welcomed here. The university premises are very modern and well-equipped. The professors were very kind to us and helpful. I didn’t feel lost as a new student in a new country.

Did you manage to do some traveling while being in Croatia?

Francesca: Of course! I love traveling, discovering places, and meeting new people, so I took advantage of my free time. Here in Croatia, I visited Plitvice, Karlovac, Zadar, Samobor, Sljeme, now with the snow, and Medvedgrad castle. Then I traveled to Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Vienna, and Budapest during the weekends because everything is so close. I traveled with my new family of friends that I created here, and I am so grateful for everything.

Benjamin: Yes, of course. There was enough time to explore a little bit of Croatia and neighboring countries. (Quick tip – there is a cheap direct Ryanair flight Zagreb-Basel, perfect for a weekend trip. I went twice.)

Vanessa: I think that Bernays is a very good university; the classes are very interesting, such as Leadership or Event Management. Also, the building is very modern and new, making Bernays university even more prestigious.

Would you recommend Croatia and Bernays and why?

Zuzana: I definitely recommend Croatia. The sea, nature, and architecture of Croatia are very unique. I think it’s a beautiful country and worth visiting. After one semester spent at Bernays, I consider it a quality, modern university with professors educated and experienced in their field. Students have a lot of interesting subjects to choose from and find what they like. I would recommend studying here.

Francesca: I recommend living this great experience in Croatia because it's an unusual destination for Erasmus, and for this reason, it will surprise everyone! You will have the opportunity to improve your English, everyone knows it here and this helps you to practice it. Zagreb is a safe city and not too big. I think it's perfect. I would also recommend Bernays because it allows you to attend very interesting courses and to have relations with very good professors, ready to help you at every moment, if you need them. I loved my time here.

Vanessa: Yes, I would recommend Croatia because of its beautiful landscapes and welcoming people. Croatians are very kind and polite. Also, I would recommend Bernays as well because it is a valid university because its classes are mostly practical and so more helpful for the workplace. Also, the professors are well-prepared and available. I'm very glad to have lived this wonderful experience in a very special country like Croatia and to have studied at a unique and professional university such as Bernays.

Dear students, it was great having you here with us at Bernays! Hope to see you again!


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